Sunday, August 28, 2011

#1 Books Corner

taken from Dale Carnegie's book.

When a study was made a few years ago on rumaway wives, what do you think was discovered to be the main reason wives ran away? It was "lack of appreciation." And I'd bet that similar study made of runaway husbands would come out the same way. We often take our spouses so much for granted that we never let them know we appreciate them.

*Haha saje je. The example of a story is too long to be written here. Hence, i would just like to share the idea, 'The Power of Appreciation'. Truuee, sometimes we have to let someone knows that we appreciate them so much. Don't always take things for granted. People can't see it most of the times. So, let them know, whatever you feel, or else, they will runaway. Haha ok this is a joke. Cheers (:

first updated via tab. *gonna be my hobby soon*

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