Saturday, July 30, 2011

31st of July 2011

I used to think that. .
sometimes life is cruel,
because of the problems I need to face.
sometimes life is unfair,
because not everyone can feel the happiness.
sometimes life is nothing,
because I've lost the feeling of having a family.

but since I know you. .
Slowly. . All these perceptions were fade.
You brought me a different meaning of life.
Which is the purpose I've been created.
Yes, you didn't even notice that.
Because it was happening inside me.
From the first time we met.
At your house.
Until now.
From no intention at all.
Until the intention because of Allah.
And I hope it will last long forever.

And all these,
I must admit. It comes from our Lord.
He sent you to guide me.
He sent you to give life to me.

You gave me the love. .
you gave me the hope. .
You gave me the trust. .
You shine me with your light. .
You cheered me when I was sad. .
You brought me the happiness. .
You reminded me when I forgot. .
Indeed, even trillions of thank you can't replace all these. .
And I must say thanks to Him the most.
Our creator and The Giver of these Gifts.

But now. . .
Trust me. Believe me.
I am not that far as you are imagining.
I am not that far for you to catch. .
I am not thaattt far from you.
He just make us from a different story.
*Tears, please don't fall. You're about to finish your words Dila*

But maybe this one thing would help.

Could I consider the 5months timeline as the reminder from Him?
in order for us to get a blessing relationship for the upcoming long journey.
before the exact time comes?
Together we pray. insyaAllah.
And I am so sorry for all the mistakes I've done. .

This is a test, and we'll get through it.
Please, together we get mature. . I need you always. .

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Human Often Forget

Yes, it is true.
Human beings. Like me.
Often forget the responsibilities entrusted to us.
The purpose of we've been created.
As abid. As khalifah. As dai'e.

As abid:
And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me.

As khalifah:
To make ourselves good.
To help others (society) become good.
To explore and make the physical world good (clean and beautiful).

As da'ie:
amar ma'ruf nahi mungkar.
*ajak member g study pun amar ma'ruf da*

peluh nitik2. fuh banyaknya tugaas =__=
don't worry dila.
wake up! look around dear.
people are changing.
the shy one becomes brave now.
then thin grows fatter. *ehm hehe*
the baby becomes cuter @_@
the worst becomes best!
besides we're physically changing, why can't we make the inside changing as well?

it will be better day by day.
it's okay to start with something simple.
because Allah looks on our efforts rather than the results.
inspiring much?

Also life isn't just about enjoying.
Yes we may do everything that we want.
that thing is not prohibited by our Lord.

I'm a human.
and you're a human too.
As humans, we are always forgetful.
Thus, we need to be reminded.
By then, search friends that can always do this to you.
and you can do this to them too (:
*ingatkan dila jugak. . tolong tolong*

May all of us live a blessing life
under the guidance of the Quran and the Sunnah insyaAllah.

p/s: I'm happy we're progressing to be better.
DALE CARNEGIE. I am really wanna have your books right now. .

sebulan daahh

Rasa sangat tak best bila da lama tak tekan2 keyboard untuk website ni.
Rasa macam da tepu gak je kepala ni tak dapat nak express kan apa yg difikir.
Betul la. Sekali da start blog, memang akan gian bila da stop.
Tambahan lagi bila buat blogwalking kat tempat lain.
Lagila membuak-buak tahap giga rasa ni #_#

berazam dah lepas ni nak buat entry baruu yeaah!

p/s: I do care but you seldom take it.

Monday, July 25, 2011