Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Just Can't Imagine When The Time Comes.

"Goodbye and take care dear :("

"Have a safe journey. Jangan lupa aku. ."

"Selamat berjuang di sana. Jaga iman!"

"I'll be missing you so much :'("

"31hours and 7minutes more"

These are some of the sentences that always appear on my facebook's news feed recently as some of my friends will be flying off to the States. One after another in order to pursue their dreams besides to carry out the responsibilities as scholars. They left Malaysia with full of emotions that hard to be explained by words. Of course they felt the excitement but at the same time they can't really hide their sad feelings to leave all the people they love and they are close to for years. But this is the thing that they have to get through and yeaah now they already at the States safely. Updating the status like

"Alhamdulillah we're already in Philadelphia."

"Selamat berbuka orang Malaysia. Kami baru je lepas bersahur."

"It's pretty cold here. Jalan jauh mana pun tak peluh."

and many more. Some are flying as fresman while some as sophomore. It's a must for some to live in their universities' dorms whereas some others already can live outside the campus. Lots of pictures have been uploaded as they already made a simple tour around the place they are living. Much to say actually but they do know more of what they've been experiencing.

As for me, one year from now, I'll be following their steps. Facing the same experience of 2days journey to the States and 3 years living there. . I admit it, I just can't imagine the situation. Even looking at their status right now, I already felt that really 'touching' feeling. My family always treats me like a kid (I think the term kid here only me can understand. yup) Being pampered like this, I don't know how strong I can be when my time comes. Hope that I could learn many things in this one year timeline for the physical and mental preparation. As well as the preparation of the soul. You'll be reaching the age of 20 Dila. You're then a lady, not a girl anymore.

I just being sad to leave you here, M0t. Don't go bad. I need you.
For any decision, I'll seek the strength from Allah.

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