Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Typing Speed Test

One of the best game to play whenever you get bored
What is it?
Naahh. It's a Typing Speed Test!

57 words

Hehe I'm sorry then, I was too excited after getting this result. Hee just because I don't want it to disappear, so I decided to put it here ( nobody cares right :D but if you care, please scroll down then press the comment button. Thank you. Hehe :D)

But okaayy I know this is such an ordinary one. There are still many people manage to get better than this result right. Yela I know that's you. Tengah memperkecil2kan I la tuu. Hissh takpe2. I don't care. I just satisfied with mine. Susah nak dapaat camni :D

Btw for those who are still blur what am I talking about, heeysh don't worry, don't hesitate, you better try this! It's good for you to enhance your typing speed. Trust me. You won't regret clicking this link. Malah akan rasa gian macam saya :D So, do enjoy!

aduuhh heysh gi siapkan assignment!

This is the post after being edited because the previous one I felt like I was so poyoo. Aduuh hehe. I'm sorry it was because the happiness directly after getting the result. Seriously it was really bad kan. Hehe :D Ok peeps. Cheers!