Sunday, August 28, 2011

#1 Books Corner

taken from Dale Carnegie's book.

When a study was made a few years ago on rumaway wives, what do you think was discovered to be the main reason wives ran away? It was "lack of appreciation." And I'd bet that similar study made of runaway husbands would come out the same way. We often take our spouses so much for granted that we never let them know we appreciate them.

*Haha saje je. The example of a story is too long to be written here. Hence, i would just like to share the idea, 'The Power of Appreciation'. Truuee, sometimes we have to let someone knows that we appreciate them so much. Don't always take things for granted. People can't see it most of the times. So, let them know, whatever you feel, or else, they will runaway. Haha ok this is a joke. Cheers (:

first updated via tab. *gonna be my hobby soon*

Friday, August 26, 2011

I hate this feelingg.

I aamm so weaakk. .
Why my Lord. . I've been going through all this almost 4years.
In which every year has a different kind of story.
That really can put pain in my heart.
As for this year, I don't know what's the matter.
But I can still feel the pain.
Someone pleaseee take me away from all these. .
so that I can build a new surrounding that I wish to have it so much. .
A new surrounding build based on the lessons I've been taking of.
A new surrounding that can take me away from being a sinner :(
My future husband?
ya Allah, am I running away? Only You know what is happening inside me my dear God.
Guide me ya Allah :(

Perhaps, this is one of the solutions He gives to me.
An offer to study overseas which I already accepted it.
One year from now insyaAllah.
I'll be soon leaving all these. . ?
And possibly this year gonna be my last Raya in Malaysia before I go. .
I hate this mixed feeeeeeling :'(

True, as a human, I have lots of wishes. .

(take a note, things above are not exactly what I wish.
just a picture to relate what I wanna say)

But I hope I won't be like a boy in that picture.
I won't do nothing. I have to do somethinggg from now onwards.
A simple step will do for the beginning.
As the saying goes "sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit"
Yeaah, better do something than nothing.

Really have to keep this in mind.
Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending

Besides effort that I will put on, give me the strength my Lord, to really say the wishes in front of the person that I want to, the strength to make the wishes really come true, the strength to face any challenges that may come on my way to achieve the dreams.
Indeed, it is You we worship and You we ask for help.

Ramadhan is going so fast.
Oh pleaaaseee don't :(
I hate this feeling as well.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Remeja bergelar Puan ;D

( source )

Kenapa ehh sejak kebelakangan ni,
asal bukak facebook, asal bukak blogger, asal bukak tumblr, asal bukak mcm2,
adaaaaaa je nampak pasal orang kahwinn. .

Kenaapaaa. . . .

Kalau dah 20+ tuu memang adatlah.
Tapi sekarang ni, remaja belasan tahun yg comey bongey lg tuu.
Jealous eehh Dila? :DD
Ahaaa perhaps a bit. Senanye serious bangga dengan korang.

Contoh kisah Amirah ni.
Rasanya ramai da tahu kan? Blog yg dia tulis dah 10000+ yg like.
Mereka dah berkawan selama 6tahun sejak sekolah.
Habis matrik, tiba2 parents cadangkan kalau nak kahwin awal dibenarkan.
Allah. Urusan mereka smooth je.
Senyap2 plan semua, pergi kursus kahwin n interview segala bagai.
Akhirnya tarikh yg dinanti tiba (nikah pada anniversary ke6 perkenalan)
Majlis pernikahan hanya kecil-kecilan n untuk yg terdekat je.
Lepas tu bila status n profile picture facebook ditukar, semua kecoh terkejut.
Including me! (padahal tak kenal pun :D )

Such a good kick-start for others dear (:
Korang buat nikah khitbah yg sangat comeel.
Plan utk majlis besar bila dua2 da graduate nanti kan.
And akan officially duduk berdua je lepas tu.
Story korang yg sekarang ni pun sangat comeel.
Yg perempuan selalu pergi rumah mentua teman suami.
Dah belajar masak dgn mak mentua ttg makanan yg dia suka.
Malam2 duduk online berdua.
Yg paling latest mereka bangun qiam bersamaa.
Alhamdulillah. Semoga kekal hingga syurga~ :')
Lepas ni mereka akan pisah balik. Sorang UKM sorang UNIMAS.
Tapi Mira cakap xpe, mereka pergi belajar utk berjihad jugak ;D

Oh sweeet~ Memang indah perkahwinan itu jika niat kerana Allah.
Dila? Bila lagi? Ahaa hanya Dia sahaja yang tahu :')

Btw, dah sepuluh Ramadan terakhir ni. Usaha jom bangunkan malam yg ada.
Bagi yang cuti tuu, janganlah sedih, masih boleh berdoa dan berzikir.
InsyaAllah semoga kita beroleh keampunan dariNya.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Be strong girl.
You're not the only person having a family problem in this world.
Some might be worse than you.
So, be grateful of what you still have.

InsyaAllah T_T

I Just Can't Imagine When The Time Comes.

"Goodbye and take care dear :("

"Have a safe journey. Jangan lupa aku. ."

"Selamat berjuang di sana. Jaga iman!"

"I'll be missing you so much :'("

"31hours and 7minutes more"

These are some of the sentences that always appear on my facebook's news feed recently as some of my friends will be flying off to the States. One after another in order to pursue their dreams besides to carry out the responsibilities as scholars. They left Malaysia with full of emotions that hard to be explained by words. Of course they felt the excitement but at the same time they can't really hide their sad feelings to leave all the people they love and they are close to for years. But this is the thing that they have to get through and yeaah now they already at the States safely. Updating the status like

"Alhamdulillah we're already in Philadelphia."

"Selamat berbuka orang Malaysia. Kami baru je lepas bersahur."

"It's pretty cold here. Jalan jauh mana pun tak peluh."

and many more. Some are flying as fresman while some as sophomore. It's a must for some to live in their universities' dorms whereas some others already can live outside the campus. Lots of pictures have been uploaded as they already made a simple tour around the place they are living. Much to say actually but they do know more of what they've been experiencing.

As for me, one year from now, I'll be following their steps. Facing the same experience of 2days journey to the States and 3 years living there. . I admit it, I just can't imagine the situation. Even looking at their status right now, I already felt that really 'touching' feeling. My family always treats me like a kid (I think the term kid here only me can understand. yup) Being pampered like this, I don't know how strong I can be when my time comes. Hope that I could learn many things in this one year timeline for the physical and mental preparation. As well as the preparation of the soul. You'll be reaching the age of 20 Dila. You're then a lady, not a girl anymore.

I just being sad to leave you here, M0t. Don't go bad. I need you.
For any decision, I'll seek the strength from Allah.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

masak itu seni

what are they do ya think? hehe~
this is what'll happen when kids are trying to play in the kitchen haha
HASH BROWN! yeaahh trust me.
I made it into many form of shapes.
There was a letter 'I' actually but I couldn't manage to take a picture of it.
Then, together with the love and U shapes as u can see above,
I arranged them to make a lovey dovey statement on a plate.
which is I LOVE YOU.
wuuuuuuuu :D

After that, I enthusiastically presented it to my father.
( oh how I wish my father is my beloved hubby :D )
ayaaah ayah tengok ni tengok ni!
comeeeel tak dila buat?

then ayah was like. Erkk.
Apa akak buat ni.
Haa yee comeel2.
(haisyh mmg patut bagi kat hubby la rasanya. at least I could hear a reply like I LOVE YOU TOO from him daripada ayah ni. boleh buat muka comel2 sikit je haaha hee~ )
yelaa my fault I guess, sent it to him while he was playing a game.
memang patutla dapat reaksi camtu ye tak? :D

okla just that I wanna share.
to enlighten the quote stated by someone
-masak itu seni-
Yess. It is really true.
Anything you wanna do, wanna cut, it has its own way.
And you may do your own way t0o!
As long as the thing is something that you can eat, and people like it!
best! :D

hope that cooking will become my dear hobby while kitchen will become my second hubby.
oh2 tiba2 rasa ayat ni comeel. kasi bold la :D

to be a fabulous wife and an awesome housewife besides a busy working woman and a loving mother is totally really hard things to do.
but it is not impossible.
Dr. Harlina yg org kagumi tu salah satu contohnya.
lagilaah diaa, seorang doktor.
tapi sangat berjaya lakukan semua perkara yg dikatakan di atas.
tambaah pulak laagi dgn jadi pendakwah yg hoyeeeaah!
hopefully I can manage myself well when the time comes.
aminnnnn ya Raabb.

projek sebelum bulan puasa.
baru dapat post. sebab tiba2 baru upload gambaar :D

Monday, August 15, 2011

Serius nak bagi Tabik Spring!

dulu, masa first2 masuk UNITEN,
macam2 ragam, gelagat n karakter adaa.
ada yg memang kaki huha huha non stop.
ada yg pemaluu heheh konon.
ada yg boleh kata macam rockstar la.
then yg pakai tudung, simple. lontar je kat bahu.
selendang lilit2 bagai.
ada jugak yg free-hair.
yg pergi kelas pulak beg sarat dengan bukuu.

tapi sekarang,
banyak yg da berubah.
yg huha huha semakin bijak menyelitkan peringatan dalam huha huha nyaa.
yg pemalu da semakin tahu utk malu pada tempat yg sepatutnya.
yg rockstar ttp rock gak tp pengisian hati semakin mantap.
yg pakai tudung pun da semakin aware. malas nak lontar da. biar bawah je.
selendang pun da tukar pashmina yg labuh.
yg free-hair pun da jadi comeeel sangat bertudung.
dulu beg sarat dgn buku, sekarang, ada tambah dgn tafsir lagi :')

ingat lagi ada satu situasi ni.
non-muslim bertanya, 'kenapa ko pakai stokin tapi kenapa dia tak?'
fuh soalan mencabar. tanya depan kitorang berdua.
aku pun hanya mampu jawab "haisyh lecturer tengah ajar tu. nanti-nantilah dulu".
aku tangguhkan utk jawab sebab nak jaga hati kawan tu jugak plus aku tahu dia paham (:
dan nak tahu taaakkkk, sekarang ni dia da permanent pakai stokin!
alhamdulillah. malah sangat rasa yg kekuatan dia lagi hebat daripada aku.
dalam masa yg sekejap je dia berjayaa untuk permanently change.
tambahan dengan hand socks lagi. tengok, hebatkan diorang ni?
sedangkan aku dulu pun amik masa yg agak lamaa utk istiqamah macam tu.
I salute you dear. And others gak. Seriously!

Korang semua memang mantaap. Awesomeee.
Kuasa Allah.
Memberikan hidayahNya kepada orang yg dikehendaki dan mencari.
Syukurnyaaa Alhamdulillah.
Serious kadang2 aku segan dengan korang.
Begitu cepat dan mudahnya korang berubah.
Sedangkan aku sendiri dulu merangkak2 bertatih2.

Tu yg nak bagi tabik spring nih! :D

tuu laah tiba2 teringat kisah kawan2 di UNITEN bila tengok video Wardina yg sangat lawa ni.
Tengoklaah. Serious rasa tersentuh~
Semoga kita istiqamah semua insyaAllah. Amalkanlah doa ni.

[Who say], "Our Lord, let not our hearts deviate after You have guided us and grant us from Yourself mercy. Indeed, You are the Bestower.

sebenarnya semua da ada pada awak.
awak cuma bebas je sekarang ni.
tak salah jadi 'org luar'. sebab saya pun macam tu.
lebih senang utk menyampaikan sesuatu sebab kita boleh blend dgn mereka.
betul tak?
senang cite mcm 'orang dlm' yg berperwatakan 'orang luar' lah.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


is the memorable name that represented my life before.
people do change.
the hotstuff thingy always make people wanna do more and more.
and tend to forget about the real world they live.

and now, I am here.
Just to say that I wanna go back wearing that name.
but in a cooooooool way~

hoyeaaah insyaAllah (:

Friday, August 12, 2011

siapa kita nak hukum2 orang lain

memang da niat nak post dua benda dalam sehari ni.
haha amekk. sekali da update, taknak stop hee~
so ni lah dia post kedua.

rasanya layak ke kita nak judge2 orang?
ataupun buat anggapan yg macam2 kat seseorang.

1. nampak org gigil nak bercakap kat depan. habis dikatakan itu pun takut ke.
-sape tahu satu hari nanti dia lagi petah bagi ucapan dari kita-

2. nampak orang hisap rokok. dia tu mesti tak baikk.
-sape tahu satu hari nanti dia berhenti n jadi lagi baik dari kita-

3. nampak orang kat shopping complex berhuha huha dengan mmbr. bazir masa je keje.
-sape tahu dia senanye tgh berusrah haaaa-

so, husnudzon lah sebaik2nya.
lagi satu. doa kan senjata mukmin.
kalau betul la kita nampak benda tu tak baik, doalah supaya dijauhkan.
ataupun kalau kita boleh cegah, cegahlah.
bukannya mengkritik apa yg dilakukan.
tak mustahil kita pulak bertukar tempat dengan dia satu hari nanti kalau kita terus amalkan 'judging people' ni. kan?

God himself does not propose to judge man until the end of his days.
Why should you and I?
-in Dale Carnegie's book-

jadi, tugas judging ni biarlah kita serahkan pada Allah.
tugas kita, kalau pasti tegurlah mana yg sepatutnya dgn berhikmah.
kalau tak mampu, doalah.
tapi kalau kita xpasti keadaan tu betul atau salah, husnudzon lebih baik (:
janganlah judging orang itu ini jahat ke baik. cukup tak comeeel~

sebenarnya da lama entry ni n entry 3T duduk dalam draft tak keluar2.
seminggu lebih da kot da xtgk blog.
akhirnya kosong da draft. lega :D

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Amalkanlah 3T :D

agaknya manusia kalau tengah
marah / tension / banyak masalah / seangkatannya
memang suka buat benda yg 'pelik2' eh?

pelik as :
1. sesuka hati nak lepaskan marah kat sesape je.
2. buat benda bukan2 yg boleh memudaratkan diri gak.
3. biarkan muka masam kalah susu basi utk seharian.
4. dan macam2 lagilah.

agak2 nya kita macam ni tak?
yes, kkdg tanpa disedari :(
kenapa kita tak amalkan 3T dulu sebelum nak buat benda2 'pelik' tuu?
or in bahasa we called it 'fikir dua tiga kali'

1. kesian kot orang yg xbersalah tu tiba2 kena hambuur macam2.
2. lepas tu buat mcm2 tanpa pikir panjang. bila da sedar baru rasa menyesal.
3. come on laa, we live in a community. bukan kita sorang je ada masalah sampai nak berlawan masam dengan susu basi tu.

pikirlah dulu sebelum buat apa2.
pikir utk jangka masa panjang.
consequences utk masa akan datang.
memang lah susah sebab tengah beremosi kan.
tapi apa la salahnya kita cuba

sebab orang yang paling kuat ialah orang yang berjaya mengawal dirinya ketika marah

tambahan lagi Allah pun ada sebut dalam al-Quran

. . . orang-orang yang menahan kemarahannya, dan orang-orang yang memaafkan kesalahan orang. Dan (ingatlah), Allah mengasihi orang-orang yang berbuat perkara-perkara yang baik;

so apa lagi
marilah amalkanlah 3T! (haha promot)
pikirlah dua tiga kali dulu sebelun cakap pape or buat pape.
sebab kita sendiri yg akan susah kelak.
orang pun takut nak dekat.
nak ke? tak nak kan? :D
lagipun bukan kita sorang je yg ada masalah rumit kat dunia ni.
orang lain pun ada gak tapi boleh leeekk je.
lagi sedih kanak2 yg kat afghanistan n somalia tuu.
kita ni berunttuuung sangaaat2 lagi senanye.

yeaay saya nak cuba jadi orang yang paling kuat!

p/s : leekk kat sini bukanlah maksudnya bila ada masalah or rasa nak marah, kena wat leekk je. taklaa. kenalah cari cara utk settlekan. cara yg nak settlekan tuu yg kena makesure 3T. tak memudaratkan diri sendiri n org lain jugak. sekian :D

untuk peringatan diri ni jugak. seriously.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I'm privating my wall to all my friends.
but yours? only to me. .
so nicey.

In addition,
you haven't read this site yet since I opened it back.
oh poooooor you dila.

*taking a very long deep breath*

oh never mind, at least I'm hapyy to have a chance to visit your mum (:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gotta say Hello to Pashmina!

yeaaah pashmina best!
longer and wider than any other shawls. plus tak jarang!
so that boleh main lilit2 sesuka hati
and boleh cover what should be covered ;D
da lama senanye dok usha 'pash pash' ni.
bila boring suka main belit2 ahaa
pastu buatlah gabungan cara2 hana tajima, maria elena, aishah amin.
so sekarang dah dapat satu idea baru!
nantilah apply time raya.
ni semua pasal heliza helmi la.
inspire me with the way she is right now (:
rasa macam nak beli hijab keluaran dia satu hari nanti.
tudung bawal lak camne?
da xselalu pakai sebab the fact that colour2 lain agak jarang.
so kena pakai inner scarf yg tutup neck sekali.
but still macam2 mana pun, tudung bawal kaler hitam tetap jadi pujaan ^^

tu je kott nak cakap.
ohh yaahh lupaaa nak cakap jugaaakk hari tuu dahh tengok HP 7 part2!
yeahh sangat puas!
anak harry sangat lah comel ok! :DD
then another interesting story.
sebelum HP7 start, ada la kuar sikt2 trailer movies2 baruu.
then guess what, I was so mesmerized to see this!
sayyy whaaatt?
apes? walaaweyyy comeeeeeeeeeeel! hahaa
*even senanye mcm scary sikit tgk muka dia yg ni :D*
nak tengok nak tengok!
sape lagi yg boleh teman tengok ni =.=

Hari ni banyak dapat pengajaran. Dengar cerita hidup seseorang yg sangat tabah.
Innama'al 'usri yusra unty, insyaAllah (:

Monday, August 1, 2011


orang kata,
kalau kita nak mendekati seseorang n nak bawak dia bersama2 dgn kita,
kita kena cuba masuk dalam dunia dia dulu.
tapi janganlah pulak kita yg terikut dia.
kita lah yg kena cuba selitkan cara kita dalam dunia dia.
(tapi apa salahnya kita pun amik pape yg positif dari dia btol dak?)
pastu boleh la tarik dia pelan2.
ataupun dia sebenarnya da tertarik sendiri
*angkat kening double-jerk*

oklah bukan tu tujuan utama.
just macam anologi utk niat berblogging lepas ni.
sebab rasa macam ada yg da lari
bila baca entry yg so-called-serious-ni.
*angkat bahu dan hembus nafas slow2*

btw, minggu lepas minggu yg agak busy kott :D
keluar dengan member2 haha tu pun busy ke?
ada la jugak urusan lain.

dalam seminggu tu, ni jelah gambar yg ada kat hp
kelakar kaan.
yg lain semua kat camera dorang =_=

even da lama tak jumpa alhamdulillah bond kitorang still macam dulu.
walaupun banyak cerita da tertinggal tercicir,
but yeah still, kitorang tetap kitorang.
walaupun masing2 da banyak berubah. .
negatif ada, positif ada,
(aku sentiasa berharap n berdoa semoga yg negatif2 tu semakin hari semakin jauh dari kita)
insyaAllah aminn.
sebab aku sayang korang sangat3!
taktaula setakat ni aku baru kuat utk tunjuk cth yg baik je duu. .
*kadang2 tu kuar jugaak kemehanjingan tuuu heee*
sebab aku pun masih perlu kan guide.
mana tawu satu hari nanti kita da boleh saling 'guide mengeguide'
mungkin kita akan lebih belajar daripada perpisahan yg lagi jauh kali ni.

Zurah: mungkin akan ke UMS, Sabah
Ain: UNIMAP, Perlis
Kina: MAS, KL
Aku: Hurrm okaay paling sedih US.
5UM FAMILY gak yg masing2 da bertebaran atas bumi Allah ni.
juga member2 sekolah rendah n sekolah menengah duluu.
korang semua tetap awesomee sampai bila2 ;D

~semoga kita berjaya mengejar cita2 di samping berjaya mendapatkan hidayahNya~


okaay itu cerita member2 sekolah.
sekarang nak masuk sikit je pasal member2 universiti.
ok sikit je eh.
erk. rasanya takpela, cerita kat next post kot
takut terpanjang
teheee (senyum lebar)

lastly nak tunjuk gambar ni.
a gift from a friend of mine.
nama dia, si kuning :D

okay that's all for now.
btw hari ni 1st Ramadhan.
Selamat Berpuasa utk semua!
Semoga kita berjaya 'berpuasa' daripada segala aspek ;D
Dan bagi yg ada pasang niat nak mulakan sesuatu perubahan,
ahlan wasahlan. jom2 (:

~Semoga Ramadhan kali ni dapat bertindak sebagai catalyst utk kita menjadi muslim yg lebih baik pada masa akan datang insyaAllah~

tadi umi cakap kat akak, kalau dia betul2 nak, insyaAllah satu hari nanti dia akan datang jugak. .
dah jangan sedih2 lg ye.
kecek2 da takde lagi kat popular. . tsk tsk T___T