Friday, January 28, 2011

A college life as PPOU Student.

Assalamualaikum reader. Hyee! :D
How are you today? Hope you are in the pink of health (:
Hehe guess what. I'm so happy right now!
My burdens for this week are all gone! Yes! Lab reports! Presentation! Test! Chemistry Quiz!
And now I'm freeeee! Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah ((:
Uniten gave us 1 week holiday. Perkara yang jarang2 boleh berlaku ahaa :D
I wanna change back my biological clock. As for that week, I was lack of sleep, only 2-3hours daily, don't even get enough food, lost of appetite. Wooo symptoms of depression aren't it? Am I totally depressed because of tons of works? Well it was over! I must glad of that!

And that's why I'm here though. To express my feeling and to continue blogging. Yeaaayy!
So where am I going to start?
Tajuk tak masuk2 lagi ni. Membebel pasal diri da panjang lebar ahaa
Okay2 jom! We'll just go through with the pictures okay ;D
since the first time I'm in Uniten till now.

This was during orientation day.
Meet my housemates :
Will story more in the next post ;D

The facilitators. Ramai gila :D

My group members during orientation week (:

Oh yah forget, this is one part of my house (:

Before TOEFL! At Imperial Hotel if I'm not mistaken. With Zizi. Berdebar gila.

Alhamdulillah after taking SAT. Mcd papa belanja ;D
With Rara my dear roomate.

This is my class. Section 4. Go El Loco. I'm glad to be part of them. They are all AWESOME.

And the last one! PPOU n PPC students. I'm happy to be one of you guys. Tak pernah jumpa manusia2 macam korang haha seriously korang best!

That's all for this post I guess. Will story more in the next post (: Wslm.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I miss you lah dear!

Apa da jadi dengan blog aku ni. Gila stationary.
Aku nak update la nak update!
Tapi setiap kali masuk sini je, aku risau, weeyyhh ko ada banyak kerja lain lagi la dilaaa. . Asal boleh ada kat sini.
Tu la pasal tak update2 sampai sekarang. Teruknyaaaa =_=
Rindu laa nak macam duluuuuu.
Buat blog walking :(
Hurrmmm. .

Singgah kejap pun jadi la . .