Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ada apa bulan Mei?

In my life, May should be the most valuable and noticeable month for me. But unfortunately, I found that yearly, it becomes the month that has lost its specialty. I find that the other months are able to make me happier and cheerier than in May. Truthfully I don't know why is that happening.

Like what I've been feeling today. 
I felt I am such a worthless. This is bad :'(
Could I say that I hate May?

I am sorry my dear month. .

Friday, May 11, 2012

Farah Lee! XD

"I'm so exciteeee!" ^^.
Haha nak jakun nak jakun jakuun kejap jeee =,=
Farah Lee comel feveret tu kn, dia bls tweet waa :')

Huhu tp soalan waa cm merapu hape je kaan.
Really soalan terjah je tuuu.
Tak kesa laa asal dia balaas.
Haaahaa yeaaah :DD

Kelakar laa, jakun mcm hape, pdhal normal je utk sesape bls twitter kan :D
Eee, bialaaa~

Friday, May 4, 2012

whaatt? purdue, indiana!

bunyi sebijik mcm kat india kan XD

decision has made. 
yes here I will stay insyaAllah.
3 months ahead from now.
ya Allah seriously time flies. time DO flies.

A very nice useful advice from Dr. Mastura, in his lecture: make yourself imagine when you are already there. Expect all the possibilities that would come out. Be it positive or negative thing. Plan the solution for the negative aspects. So, that when you are there, you already aware with what you need to do and somehow you will feel like you've been experiencing it before. And that's because you've prepare for everything. 

Like her example, before she performed her umrah/haji, she had been thinking for all the things that would possibly happened there such as toilets pack with people. And so, she had plan the strategies. She has set everything in mind, 'That's fine, she will wake up early in the morning in order to use the toilets'. When she has been there, the thing is exactly happened and yes she felt it, 'i've been experiencing it before'. Hence, she managed to handle it well. With happily no stress. So, she taught us to do the same thing too. In order for us not experiencing the culture shock in the States. InsyaAllah.

So yeaah Dila, what else u've been waiting for. Start expecting all the possibilities.
3 months to go. . Why it is so fast ya Allah.

Eh btw pssttt. It's MAY already. Tweeetttt3 :D
 ♫ I gotta feelinggg wuuhuuuuu.
Coz this year gonna be a good year  
Ouch ok stop.

but seriously i have this unknown comfort feeling. . 
why. . 

Indeed, kebergantungan kpd Allah itu sangat perlu.
Malu nak cakap. . 
tapi nak jugak. .
Saya Sayang Allah. Dia selalu tak pernah give up dgn saya walaupun saya manusia ni selalu buat dosa =,=
Maafkan saya. .