Tuesday, August 16, 2011

masak itu seni

what are they do ya think? hehe~
this is what'll happen when kids are trying to play in the kitchen haha
HASH BROWN! yeaahh trust me.
I made it into many form of shapes.
There was a letter 'I' actually but I couldn't manage to take a picture of it.
Then, together with the love and U shapes as u can see above,
I arranged them to make a lovey dovey statement on a plate.
which is I LOVE YOU.
wuuuuuuuu :D

After that, I enthusiastically presented it to my father.
( oh how I wish my father is my beloved hubby :D )
ayaaah ayah tengok ni tengok ni!
comeeeel tak dila buat?

then ayah was like. Erkk.
Apa akak buat ni.
Haa yee comeel2.
(haisyh mmg patut bagi kat hubby la rasanya. at least I could hear a reply like I LOVE YOU TOO from him daripada ayah ni. boleh buat muka comel2 sikit je haaha hee~ )
yelaa my fault I guess, sent it to him while he was playing a game.
memang patutla dapat reaksi camtu ye tak? :D

okla just that I wanna share.
to enlighten the quote stated by someone
-masak itu seni-
Yess. It is really true.
Anything you wanna do, wanna cut, it has its own way.
And you may do your own way t0o!
As long as the thing is something that you can eat, and people like it!
best! :D

hope that cooking will become my dear hobby while kitchen will become my second hubby.
oh2 tiba2 rasa ayat ni comeel. kasi bold la :D

to be a fabulous wife and an awesome housewife besides a busy working woman and a loving mother is totally really hard things to do.
but it is not impossible.
Dr. Harlina yg org kagumi tu salah satu contohnya.
lagilaah diaa, seorang doktor.
tapi sangat berjaya lakukan semua perkara yg dikatakan di atas.
tambaah pulak laagi dgn jadi pendakwah yg hoyeeeaah!
hopefully I can manage myself well when the time comes.
aminnnnn ya Raabb.

projek sebelum bulan puasa.
baru dapat post. sebab tiba2 baru upload gambaar :D

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