Friday, April 16, 2010

tagged from nyza (:

Firstly need to greet nyza for this tagged (: thankss honey
so straight go !

1. How tall should he be?
oh i don't understand to whom this 'he' referred to , oh maybe to the tagger kot , hurm i guess she's pretty much tall (:

2. What hair colour should he have?
black for suree , wahh kau dila main sure jee hehe

3. What kind of personality should he have?
simple but very sweet indeed (:

4. Older or younger?
we are 1992 !

5. What film actor should he most be like?
hurm korean i think , is it correct nyza ? :D

6. What singer should he most be like?
erk , i really don't know this ngee

7. Do they need to cook?
as a housewife yes suree (:

8. What is his best body part?
ngahaa skip please

9. What car should he drive?
BMW ! waaahh

10. What one thing completely turns you on?
i'll just realize the thing when it has just been happened

11. Who was the guy on your mind when you were doing this survey?
hahaha this question ! then only i realize that 'he' was for everyone that will come straight to my mind when doing this tagged . haha kelakarnyaaa apa kau buat ni dilaa haha ok3 bia je laa :D

nyza ! i da siaaap , 1st time buat tagged camni . hujaan2 sejukk , otak pikir tido je kott ahaa
so world , sweet dreaaam :D


nyza said...

haha dila. klaka bace tag ny.
actually i pon xphm soalan dy ditujukan utk spe.
but nyza buat untuk lelaki idaman lah..

sindaDila said...

ahahaha tuu laa kelakar sangat , dila pun tak go through soalan then bila da sampai bawah , ha ameek hehe :D