Wednesday, April 7, 2010

JPA PILN 2010 interview experience (:

p/s : actually i post this for recomers because i've read all of their experience and i feel responsible to share my experience too (: and also to my bloggy who got for the interview , goodluck then ! but for who didn't get it , its okay my deaar , He know the best for us (:
okay , mind to go through on this !

Course applied
: Science (mathematics)

Venue : UITM Larkin

Date : 07 April 2010

Experience :

My group consist of
1 female chinese ; science locally
2 male chinese ; tourism
3 me ; science
4 male malay ; engineering (i can't remember well)
5 male malay ; diploma tech in japan

The interviewers (Panel 1)
1 an indian officer in Kementerian
2 a malay doctor
3 a malay jpa officer

introduction in BM ( name , school , family background ) they will ask you more if they want to know more and sometimes they disrupt our intro then we continued back )

1st : why you deserved this scholarship ? (something like this , i can't remember well) we should answered this according to our numbers.
then they shot us here . they shot me deeply about the course until they asked , what are the things that you are going to study in calculus ? what is the uses of calculus ?
haha i didn't make a research about this so i can't answer this question . i said , i don't know about this but if i've been given a time , i would do some research on this matter . (a lil bit disappointed) :(

2nd : they asked one by one . the doctor called my name and asked me , apa pendapat awak mengenai kahwin sambil belajar ? then i gave my opinion . then he asked , so how about you ? then i answered bla bla bla , then they said , waaah macaam da rancaang je semua ni haha then all of us were laughing aduui :DD
( they asked others about others questions but im really sorry because i can't remember, aduuh looks like i'm facing short-term memory syndrom eghh )

3rd : apakah pendapat anda semua tentang anak-anak sekarang yang telah berjaya tetapi tidak mempedulikan ibu bapa mereka sehingga sanggup menghantar mereka ke rumah orang-orang tua ?

4rd : mengapakah pelajar-pelajar lain di luar sana tidak berjaya dalam pelajaran dan tidak mendapat peluang seperti anda ? bagaimana cara mereka belajar ? adakah kerana masalah sosial yang berlaku ? adakah anda bersetuju dengan pendapat ini dan apakah pandangan anda ? (something like this lah hehe)
these were open questions so that everybody can answer it but everyone must have 1 point for it . but i think they didn't care much as long as you can voice out your opinion and speak confidently (:

5th : ok , 'they called my name' (again me haisyh) jika kami memberi awak peluang untuk ke luar negara dan terdapat lagi satu kerusi kosong untuk tempat tersebut , siapakah antara jejaka2 ini yang akan awak pilih untuk bersama-sama dengan awaak ?
ha ? i was so like ? ? peelik3 . then i said , satu keputusan yg sukar untuk dilakukan tapi saya tak sampai haati haha aduuuhh :D kalau boleh saya mahu semua kerana semua berkebolehan
then they said , awak kena pilih seoraang jee . the the jpa officer said , pilihlah yg hensem tuu haha then they asked others also in this question
seriously we laughed a lot in here :D

6th : questions that we want to ask them
but then none of us were asking , as i think the interviewers have said everything during the intro . then all the questions that i've been prepared just go like that huhu

overall , they were very kind , sporting , making jokes here and there . and it was not as i thought (:

The whole interview was 80% BM, 20% English for my group.

Advice / Additional info :

The questions that they asked were mainly about our
career . and they asked us very deeply . so please please and please prepare about the course that you have applied very well and you have determined where you exactly want to further your study . you should impress them . speak confidently (:

good luck for the rest ! i hope this can help you (:


Iznie said...

waa..sangat menarek la temuduga dila...
ada chance tu??

macam enjoy je ek time interview tu... :D

sindaDila said...

alhamdulillah dila dapat inteviewer yg sporting (:

tataula syg , kalau ada rezeki , yg penting da lepas hehe

acid_amino said...

erm...wish u luck dila....lalala...

sindaDila said...

thanks friend (:

mirfa amirah said...

insyaAllah ..
kte sme2 d0a k..
im s0 pr0ud 0f u (':

sindaDila said...

im proud of u too mirfaa , go for tsni k (:

assyuhada said...

salam dila,eheh sorry for da late. i bru teringt yg u ade tinggalkan blog link kt comment...eheh aperpown,congrats...moge2 dpt,Ameen..x expect plak yg u mmg confirm mntk selain medik...huhu,all da bez 4 da result eyh!~
*sgt bezla ur experience...bese kite tnye org len sumer cm tarik muke je...hua2...mmg rezki dpt group bez camtue..ok2...following u dear~

sindaDila said...

hehe tapee (:
insyaAllah dear , semoga u pun , dapaat buat medic timur tengah , aminnnn~
ahaa tuu laa , dila pun ta sangka boleh na amek science , da ikut gerak hati je skrg (:

ehhm dila share je experience ni , actually dila tulis kt reCom but juz copying here , share dgn sesiapa yg akan hadapi (:
takdela seindah yg ditulis , biasa2 sahaja tp alhamdulillah ^^
belum tau lagi pun ni .

ok thanks dear (: