Sunday, October 23, 2011

Yes, I'm feeling so far from you

I know I'm far right now.
And I know this gonna be continuously happened from time to time.
This semester is the kick-start for everything.
When I have to live separately with you.
Even just a stone throw away from here. Just one room separated.
I really felt the distance.
At first I just accepted it because I believe that it will give benefits to others.
BUT as time goes by, I realized that unfortunately it gave harms to myself. .

Friend, you know what, I am now like a silence girl that can't express any of my feelings anymore.
And this happened because I don't have anybody to do like that since you've been far.
Lucky that you have a friend whom you can date with always :')
a friend that you can live everybody else whenever you see her :')
And I felt so touched and far away whenever I see that happened in front of my eyes. .

Forgive me for that I can't stand with all these anymore. .
Because of the distance that I felt. 
Because of myself that can't express anything anymore, my problem and etc.
Yes, I've turned to be a quiet girl already.
I hold the feeling myself.
I suffer with my life and problems myself.
And that gonna be okay insyaAllah.
Because I know I should rely on Him the most. .

I'm so sorry my dear friend for all my wrongdoings.
My feelings might be wrong.
Of course you have your own reasons for all that happening right? :)

Mcm sy penah cakap dgn sorang ni jugak.
Sy tgh mengalami masalah kesunyian.
Kawan sy da ada orang lain.
Sy da ta geti.
True that bukan dia sorang je kawan yg sy ada.
Tapi dia sorang je kawan yg btul2 boleh masuk dgn routine sy.
Dan bila sy hilang tuu, sy rasa tak boleh berdiri. .
Tapi sekarang insyaAllah saya tgh belajar :')

-Ttibe teringat ttg satu event ni-
I've been cancelled from having any 'adik2'
(Not being cancelled, actually we have to choose. But since the other person seems so difficult to drop the position and at the same time 'akak' has been waiting for the answer for so long, then I took the decision to drop mine)
No one know how sad I felt during that morning. .
But I know I have to strongly believe that there is always a hidden hikmah for everything. insyaAllah.

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