Sunday, October 9, 2011

#1 Learning Corner


Junk food is a term applied to a certain food that are perceived to have little or no nutritional value. It contains ingredients that are considered unhealthy to be eaten regularly. Most of us take the common junk food like salted snack food, candy, sweet, carbonated beverages, fried fast food and etc as the daily meal without realizing it. How are we going to avoid this? What are the steps need to be taken? Somehow we are just consumed them without thinking much for the future health. Eat a lot of junk food can cause of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood fat and perhaps a cancer. Wow! So, for the next time, try to reduce the intake of this type of food in order to stay health. Don't forget to take a lot of fiber in your daily diet as well! Fiber will never disappoint you. I guarantee! :D
(Erk vegetables)

Taken from wikipedia (:

Nah another corner is built!    A corner based on a topic given by any person that I ask to  do so. I find it interesting! Hope can do this daily (:

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