Saturday, October 8, 2011

Buku Serigala Jahat dan Besar :D

Yeaaaayyy. Truly baby, it was really awesome!
I had never seen books which the price are about RM50+ are being sold in a range of RM8-12. This is crazily insane!

I lost the chance to go to this book sale last year. Quite sad. I just asked for a friend to buy some books for me. But unluckily I didn't get what I wanted. That was because of miscommunication happened. I asked him to buy any story books for me that can improve my English. But then, he came to see me at class tomorrow with books like, vocabulary and grammar mistakes. I was like, eeerrkkk. ( I thought he was absolutely didn't hear the 'story books' part :D ) Hehe~ Never mind, at least I still got books from there what ;D
And btw, thanks a lot to you for the books, friend (:

So, for this year, I am really don't wanna miss it again!
And I finally made it. Yeaahh! ((:
I grabbed the opportunity when my brother asked me to go for a lunch.
So lets go to the book sale first, bro.
Then he just followed me.
Guess what, he was as well fascinated with all the books there. He could find his programming and software books for just about RM10 in which the real price is about RM100+. Fiiuuuuhhh. Awesomenesss.

We went there at 10am. So there were not so many crowd at that time. I must say the system there was so efficient. They provide buses for people from parking lot to the place of the book sale. So that people won't feel tired walking while traffic jam can be avoided (: Brilliant idea.

I bought about 10 books there. Teheeee~
Wanna buy more actually but I've put limit to myself, don't go over RM100. Hmm okaayy.
But still I'm kind of shopaholic bebeh. Can't deny that :D
Feeling like wanna go again with my dear Rangers when they come back.
Pleasee. . I wanna more I wanna more. .
Huhu that's my dream, to have at least a bookshelf full of my favorite books in my future house then. .

This big bad serigala only held once a year.
So guuuuuuyyys, go grab the books at a very lower price!
You still have a week for this sale.
For mor info, visit this site
Enjoyyy (:

I was a bit frustrated actually because there is no malay book and islamic book that I am looking for t0o. .
It's okay, nama pun big bad wolf ;D

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