Friday, September 30, 2011

Random ke? Yelah sangaat.

Hey, I just remembered something. Don't know whether this is a coincidence or not. But I am sure that this is absolutely the life journey fated by Him. Sounds so big aite? Heee~ It is just a small matter actually. I just noticed that whenever I was at the last year of my primary school or secondary school, and now the last year in Uniten, I always agreed to just accept the position suggested for an organization. But this time in Uniten, it is just slightly different as I'm not holding any President or Vice President position anymore. Of course, that is so significant because the people here are much much much moreee superrb dupeerb fabulous people I've ever met. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah, God has given me this opportunity to know variety kind of people living in this world. As before this, I was like a people who's being trapped from seeing the world. I'm saying like that because I came from an ordinary school which is well-known as a 'sekolah budak jahat' hoho (but now alhamdulillah getting improved) and it is situated at a rural area. So, the people I met were just the people who live within my surroundings. So, my scope and my point of view towards people were kinda small. But now, getting squeezed in PPOU (now has been changed to PPES) students, I realized that wow how small and how big is this world actually. No doubt that life experience also play an important role in this matter. Because the older the people, the more experience they get. (ok the sentence is seriously like a science hypothesis aawww) Anyhow, each of the people I've met in my life, has their own uniqueness to be remembered by me. No matter where are you come from, no matter what is your religion, no matter from which family background you are born from, you're all awesome people that I've ever known. (Especially the one that live at house number 43 tuu. Hye! I'm honored to know you. Yes you la, the first child in your family. Not the second one k (': ) Okay, advertisement just now. Hee~ Well, the important thing I wanna say is just, I hope that I can cope and give my full commitment so well with the position I held here. insyaAllah. I don't know why I easily accepted it. I hope that there are hidden 'hikmah' I will see one day. With that, help me guys. I need a guide as well. For this one year timeline.

Errkk, am I writing this long? Wooo. I just plan to make a random post actually, but what am I doing now. The first topic of the random post is quite long. Ok, I know, I have to split it. Till we meet again in the next post (:

p/s : do we have to look at each of the vehicle that passing by us whenever we are walking along a road? (to be specific, the people in the vehicles or any people we might see. Or to be deeply specific, to show your face to the people? ya Allah okay this is t0o much Dila. No, I'm just asking :( Because I'm curious to know. What is your intention people? I mean to the people who do that. . Seriously I wanna know. I got no idea at all. . Someone can clarify me?

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