Sunday, September 25, 2011

Today is a cute tale :D Eh

Today is Monday. And today is a cute day. @__@ Haha

Looking so weird ah? Yupp totally. You know sweetheart, I only have one class for today. 8-10 am.
And then I may go back doing anything I want.
Ohhh myyyyy. This condition is soooooo different with the routine I have before as a PPOU student.
Which is having a pack schedule from 8am to 6pm.
Studying all the time until don't have enough time to sleep.
(Ok that's a lie. Only happen when in an exam mode. Hehe)
Then working with assignments.
Having 6-7 subjects per sem.
Kalah budak sekolah kott :D

And now like, aaaaggghh syurga dunia sebentar.
Until we don't know what to do with the leisure time we have.
Haha sumpah funny.
But I believe that this is only for this semester as for the next sem, we will be starting to learn science subjects. 
So, looks like I really have to use this opportunity wisely.

And now I already at my apartment. Sitting in front of a laptop.
Thinking of what are the things I should do for this so-called-free-schedule semester.
And yah for now, this is my conclusion.
- This is the exact time I should use to complete my application process. (Ayyuuhh semangat!)
- When looking far, I can see that, this is what a college student is all about. A life as a college student isn't just about studying. I mean the purpose is not for getting 4.00 cgpa only. I need as well to get involve in any association or community in order to get an experience of dealing with people and etc. This is because a college is a place of which students will do their practices as a preparation for the future or I can say for the next chapter of life. Life is more challenging when we grow older. We get more responsibilities to bear. We are not staying the same of what we are right now. Soon enough we'll leave our adolescence life. Then we gonna graduate from university. After that, we'll enter a work life and at the same time having a life partner or maybe earlier or later. So yaah, that's what we called as life. It's best if you can always upgrade to be a good muslim t0o.
To sum up, my point here is actually, collect all the soft skills slowly, Dila hehe (:

That's all for now I guess.
Wanna continue doing the common apps.
Goodbyee (:
May happiness always be upon us.


merpati.. life said...

oooo.... so free is it???

sindaDila said...

so truue merpati :DD