Wednesday, May 5, 2010


In the name of Allah , the Most Gracious , the Most Merciful

the word change , it does have a deep meaning for me .
as a human being , i believe everyone wants to make positive changes continuously throughout their lives . none of us want to change for bad , right ?
from free hair to hijab . from hijab to a better one .
from bad habits to good one . continuously from day to day .

may Allah enable us to be constant in doing these . Aminn~

A person who intended to do a good deed, and didn’t do it, Allah will write one good deed in his record, and if he actually did it, then Allah will add 10 good deeds. That too is not the limit. The number may reach 700 and beyond subject of Allah’s will. And if a person intended to commit a bad deed, but didn’t do it, Allah will add one good deed to his record [for refraining from doing it], and if he did commit it, then only one sin will be added to his history sheet.
[Bukhari & Muslim]

it is a great blessing of Allah that He even rewards for the intentions , and add rewards when the intended deed is performed . the truth is that there are unlimited gains in the path of Allah . Subhanallah .

why am i writing this ? just to clarify somebody who did recognize something different on me in this social-site-networking . then this is the answer . insyaAllah (:

you know what , when i remember about my past time in this networking , start from friendster , myspace , blogger , facebook , formspring and till now . i've done many things . yeaah a lot of things . sometimes i just want to hide my face under the tile . woaah how extreme :D
maybe i've done something wrong that i couldn't recognize that the action was so bad , annoyed and any others perception from you towards me on that time .
i can't satisfy all people so then i accept all the criticism . because once we enter into this social networking site , anyone can justify who are you actually , this kind of person or this type of people . i accept all those (:

so , in this opportunity , i would like to make an apologize to all of you for the wrong that i have done or do or will do . thanks in advance peeps (:

may these will be constant Fadhilah (:


amieyumie said...

entry nih cantik and indah *wink*
bukan senang nak brubah kan....
dr kurang baik ke baik... sangat byk dugaan

sindaDila said...

amiee , betuul tuu (:
dugaan yang mengajar kita untuk jadi lebih kuat dan berjaya untuk berubah insyaAllah (:

Iznie said...

nice entry la dila...

aamiin...harap2 kita kekal macam tu....

sindaDila said...

(: aminn~~