Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dean's suprise birthday party!

What a nice plan.
Sneeking into pak ariff's house while he was teaching at night class.
Cleaned his house. Decorated it with ballons and all party stuffs.
Used his kitchen to cook some food. Haha.
Then we waited together till he came back.
When he opened the door and switched on the light, SUPRISE!
He was shocked! People in his house! :DD
*Nasib baik takde saket jantung*

There was a video recorded.
But I couldn't manage to put it here. .
Instead, here are the pictures to continue the story ;D

(AJK susun makanan)

AJK basuh pinggan

AJK memasak

Pak Ariff potong secret recipe uhh uhh

Nyummy :')

A picture album from us ^^

And lastly here we are! ;D

Pak Ariff mesti akan rindu kitorang kan XDD

On the next day, we have a class with him.
One of my friends brought a laptop making a plan with our friends in US to wish Pak Ariff's birthday.
So then, we projected what in the laptop on the screen.
Everyone in the class can see the video conference and that was really exciting!
We communicated with them who are currently in Drake University, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, University of Washington, Pennsylvania State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
They sang Happy Birthday's song to Pak Ariff :')
What a sweet moment.
Eventhough the internet was really su*k here.

Seriously. Pak Ariff said something to them, "Korang balek tak julai ni?"
3minutes later. . 
"Tak balek! Tak nak balek!"
Haha and we laughed like crazy. Lawak gilee.

(Agaknya nyanyi happy birthday song tu pun da lama baru dapat kot)

This was the situation. Ruby, i curik gambar you XD

Pak Ariff, truly you are one of a kind. I never thought to have a dean that really closed like this.
You're just awesome like that.
We know, even though some people don't like you, because of your 'directness' while talking, never mind, that's normal. 
What the most count is your sincerity of doing something that is absolutely much appreciated :')

*Ada orang kat tenet cakap, best bila dapat bangun malam  :')

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