Thursday, June 30, 2011

sindaDila on Tumblr!

Seriously, it has been a long time since I dreamed to have a Tumblr.
And now, yeaaahh Finally I manage to have one :D
so for sure, I am a novice there.
Hope to get some tips from you all who has been using it for a long time (:
Feel free to follow me.
Here's my link

and of course I wanna yours too!
Mind to put your link as well at the comment part below.
I am more than happy to see it later.
Thanks in advance ((:
See you there!

Oh yaah forgot to say one thing.
Maybe I'm going to delete this blog sooon.
Yes 70% feel to do that.


missRieRie said...

ouh nouuuuu!

sindaDila said...

em? nape dear?

pincessrara said...

tumblr fara x slalu on pon...
sebab belom pakar lagi.. hehe..

sindaDila said...

alaa dila pun lagi laa.
baru buat kott
lagi kosongg :D

s u e e t said...

eh eh. kita pun ada tumblr jugak! :D

sindaDila said...

haaa sue! nak follow! :D