Tuesday, March 23, 2010

award from sisShazea , nizaa , DiLaa (:

syarat serta pantang larang after get this award :

1. thanx & link the person who gave you the award

thanks to sis Shazea , nyza , DiLaa for this lovely award :)

2. pass this award to 15 bloggers you've recently discovered and think are fantastic

dila Azie
sis Pikok
sis Syaril
sis Farhanah Fadillah
sis Yana
sis Cupidoway

p/s : if busy , just publish this award to your blog , no need to do the rest like tagging others or what , don't worry , i understand (:

3. contact said Blogs let them know they've won the award

okay !

4. state 7 things about yourself

  • hello guys , my name is dila !
  • currently waiting for the next new experience in life , pray for me (:
  • i like to eat eat and eat
  • but yeah i know , my body is still the same ahaa
  • haa i've already sign up for formspring , check it out dear ! (promote2)
  • i've chemo , 'my life partner' waah could it be ? :DD
  • i fall in love with online comic , i used to read it everyday , since i've got nothing to do hehe

5. state anything about the person who gave you this award
1st giver ; nyza , yeaah she's so kind , best and definitely very cute (:
2nd giver ; sis Shazea , she's beautiful , awesome , sportingg agghh i lovee heer :DD
3rd giver ; DiLaa , yeaah we got the same name and a very close date of birth but i am 1 year older laah kn dikk hehe , she's cutee , very nice and friendly (:

yeaah , i've done ^^


acid_amino said...

hah..me got an award?!!..yayyy...hehe

sindaDila said...

hehe yeay :DD

Iznie said...

yey..dpt award!!! haha

mirfa amirah said...

mekacehh sys dila!!!!

sindaDila said...

izni , yeaay :DD

sindaDila said...

hehe mifaa sesamaaa (:

farhana said...

thnx babe
eh seriously new page u sngt smart
i like it

mirfa amirah said...

mifa da hamek da...
tg0k la..kehkeh

ZACK ENTRY said...

ada pantang larang yer..=P

sindaDila said...

muaah for u back sis ! :D
hee masheeeh2 ^^

sindaDila said...

mifaa ! thanks (:
but the description bout me , heey si comeeel , melampaau sgt tuuuuu

sindaDila said...

zack : pantang larang apeka ?

piKOk said...

tq dila!!
sowi lmbt..tp akk da amek..=D

sindaDila said...

hehe takpe , thanks sis ((: