Sunday, December 25, 2011

Eh Hye! Almost a Month Yaaww :D

Is there any people still willing to answer the greeting? 
Oh pathetic. . You've been ignoring this blog almost a month, Dila. 
How come there would be one. Sigh :(

Truly, I've been going many ups and downs for this month; the semester that I could consider the most superb hectic sem I ever had. Holding more than one responsibilities in one time is really challenging as you need to give your full commitment on your works or else you will make others in the same community having difficulties to settle the tasks given. That is how basically when you work in a team. When one failed, the other will suffer as well. This is because a good cooperation is extremely needed in a successful team. That was what I've been facing before, along with my application process, essays, letter of recommendations, assignments, etc yada yada yadaaaa. . And all these explained why this blog has been shut down for a month! Allah, this is disappointing. . 

Well, I've finished my first semester already and I am HOME now! :D
(I don't think I was that excited. Heh)
Because yes, everything is not settle yet. Still lot of works need to be done. Sigh squared please!


Tired to explain.

All in all, I just want to say, hye back to all! :)
I am truly really sorry. Will start again with new consistent posts if I could.
I'll try people.

By the way, this morning, I was touched with videos that I've watched in youtube. Pagi pagi dapat tarbiyyah. I missed that moment. . I knew. That is why I love internet so much!
I guess I will take one of the topics to be discussed here soon :)
Want to look as well?
Try search this

Sumpah awesome semuanya :)
*tapi tak semua orang boleh faham. begitu juga saya*
tapi nak cakap gak kat sini, saya nak tumpang gembira boleh tak kalau anda pun tersentuh bila tengok video yg ada. Terima kasih :')

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