Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hey, I am here. Finally!

Assalamualaikum bloggerians!
Well, i knoww it has been a long long long long time since my last post on this blog. Ouch bebb. Almost a year I supposeee. Scarryyy riighhtt :(  I knoww, I myself do really miss this "Molecules of Emotions". . 
(usap2 blog nih. maaf maaf)

Back to the reality, nevermindd, what's more exciting is that I finally manage to create this first post since I am in United States! And hence, I plan to make a new improvement, a new look and a new style for this blogg.
(I hope it works for this time :P)

Lots of stories to be shared. Seriously. I hope I can allocate my time to update this blog more frequently after this. I hope. I can. I will. Try my best. Egh! I plan to change my way of blogging by making more short-stories in the next next posts. inshaAllah2.
(but the problem is, who cares to read?)
*sengih2 malu* hehe. well i guess every bloggerians do tell their own stories because this is one of the places that we can keep our memories and  read them back whenever we missed all those stories :')

Okaylah. Till here, I would like to end this post with a cute picture which I was just found on facebook.

Let's try our best to give the best heart that we can to our Creator.
We, as humans, always commit sins.
But Allah is the Most Forgiving.

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