Sunday, November 6, 2011

OMG Tagged!

Well, it has been such a long time since I did the 'tagging' thingy.
I thought the era was over already.
But yeah I was wrong. It is coming back to me now!
Oh people. .I felt that. The feeling of being left out from the bloggers' world.
I noticed this happened because I've lost most of my dear blogger friends since I've left this blog for such a long time. This makes me feel so sad. . I miss everyone of you people. . 
However, this blog still continues the journey to share the words with random people passing by here and of course to you as well, IF TEHRE IS, the faithful reader ((:

Never mind, straight away to the topic!
Well, I got this tagged from Sue (:
Thanks honey! I'll try to do wholeheartedly okay :D 

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post. And create eleven new questions for the people you tagged to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged HIM/HER.
6. No tag back!
7. No stuff in the tagging section about 'YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOU ARE READING THIS' YOU LEGITIMATELY (a.k.a REALLY, TRUST, WILL ALL HONESTLY) have tagged 11 people.

11 things about me. 

1) I am a kind of people that can't live without internet even just a day. Really I will barely able to stand without it since I've taken the internet as my third husband. Hoho walaweeeey :D But yes, it is seriously. I'm not playing around people. I used internet to gain variety kind of knowledge, to get the tarbiyah that I need for the rest of my life and the most important one is to always keep contacting with my loves :') (Whatsapp! It's freeee) One thing I wanna confess here is that, through internet, I've been passing the changes phase. I learned a lot to be a human from my third husband (since my first and second husband only can be seen in the future hee~) BUT BUT BUT, have to bear this in mind, once we misuse the internet, we gotta get harms from it. Somewhat, the internet could be my greatest challenge on how I can control myself from the bad matters. *peaaacee

2) Is pink color always related to girlish version of lady? I don't care. I do still love PINK ((((:
But I'm not really addicted to it because sometimes I prefer white color for things like gadgets and cars.

3) I love kids! Ha'a ha'a yeaaahh :D They are all so cuteeee you know that rightt. They are innocent. They have no sins. They are new in this challenging world that need to be shaped by their parents. It is not an easy task to do in order to get a good result. Parents need the sense of sensitivity towards their responsibility. They are all 'amanah' given by our Lord (: Treating the kids always makes me smile. Haha that's for now Dila, but when it becomes to your own kids, only then you know the real meaning of treating. Uhuk uhuk that is what someone's said to me. Kind of truee. It's challenging!

4) Of all fruits we have in this world, banana is the most fruit that I prefer. Is it because of baby milo? Wohooo :D

5) I love chocolate so much! No matter in what means and shape. 
Cadbury Black Forest is the most preferable (:

6) I am phobia with any kind of insects. 

7) I love to play with Velcro tape. Only people that are really close to me can understand this habit.
Kecek2 ^____^

8) Oh yeaah I want to talk about my second husband which is a kitchen! :D If one day I could get the husband like what I have seen in IKEA's showroom, it would be a greatest pleasure for me, my dear first husband. Toiingg3. Haha *giggling* By the way, it is just my highest dream. The simple one still okay for me. Anything will do, as long as it is comfortable to work with (:

9) I enjoy reading novels and any materials that can be beneficial for myself. I currently addicted to a writer named Hlovate. Seriously I recommend novel's lovers to read Hlovate's novels. You'll find the awesomeness later ;D

10) I am truly a sensitive person. Or in other words I can say, I can easily get touched. But, I could also easily  squeeze to the normal situation back. For example, if someone's scolding me, I could cry instantly and then wiping the tears, saying to myself, never mind I can handle this. Haha weird right. Maybe I  just want to express what I felt first before feeling the sense of relief then.

11) I love to watch movies. But I can't watch them alone. I've tried it many times and I failed to understand the stories. Thus, I actually need friends to watch movies together with me. And and people, obviously this is not a cinema movie okay ;D What I mean is a movie that I want to watch at home. I hope the friend that I mentioned is a hubby that will accompany me in the future :D

Awww enough Dila. 11 already ^_^

Okay now, questions to be answered from Sue:

1. Being cool or adorable?
Being cool is way better for me perhaps. 

2. Kenangan terindah?
Bila rasa iman pada tahap yg tinggi which is susah sangat nak dapat. Serious rinduu dengan kenangan tu. Tapi tak mustahil untuk dicapai balik. Kena sentiasa usaha. .

3. What is definition between man and football?
Can I define it like woman and shopping? haha :D

4. Do you like pink colour? Why?
Gocha sebijik terkena soalan ni. Hee~ Because for me, pink is a soft color. What if I ask you back, why do you like (for example) brown color? You will answer base on your interest right? I just don't understand, why pink has becoming a significant color to be asked by people #_# 

5. What is language the most that you want to learn?
ARABIC! I really hope one day I could get the opportunity to learn it.

6. Why do you think you are weird? If not, why?
If you have finished reading 11 things about me as stated above, you'll find the answer yourself. It is the same answer with why I find myself weird as well (:

7. What are you in the next 5 years? Why are you really confidence with it?
I am a wife already insyaAllah. Because I've set a target to get marry in that particular timeline. 

8. What type do you want when searching for a perfect partner?
A partner that can bring me together to the Jannah.

9. If you told by someone that you are smelly, how do you react?
Firstly, I will say terribly sorry to that someone for the inconvenience. Then I would try as hard as I can to change myself by consistently wearing perfume or etc (not really preferable because I'm a girl, can't wear it too much)

10. Status? Do you feel comfortable with your status now? Why?
Not really. Because I don't feel safe.

11. Your plan for your future?
Can prove to myself and others too that I can be in a minority group.
Being able to give a balance attention between husband, children, work and responsibility towards Islam.
Suami didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan :D (quoted from a movie)
insyaAllah. It is really a challenging task! Keep praying Dila. .
Furthermore, I dreamt to do phD together with him if God's will.

(btw, I can't fulfill rule number 4 and onwards. .)
I don't have much time syg. Maaaf2.
Plus, I don't have enough 'bloggerian' to be tagged #_#

p/s : I am intentionally didn't put any picture or anything else that can make this post attractive. Because by doing that, only certain people can really bear to read this long, unimportant post ;D


Ansue said...

haha. cool dila :D

Anonymous said...

sangat suka ini!

sindaDila said...

thanks sueee ((:

sindaDila said...

Anonymous. . . if my instinct is correct, then I know who you are. .