Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh my DIOR! :D

Assalamualaikum readers!
Enthusiastically, I just can't stand anymore to share with you guys about . .

A person that I admire a long time ago.
and I don't know why, recently I like to open her page on facebook
looking at her photos. wuuppss well sorry, doesn't mean that I like to stalk people okay. It just because her updates always appear on my news feed section. You guys ada facebook kan? You tahulaah ;D

Well, what am I going to say here is about HER NEW STYLE!
Nak tengok tak nak tengok tak?

If you are lazy to click it, never mind, I dah upload siaap2.
Tengoklaaahhh pastu nanti komen apa yg korang nampak lain kat dia eh :D

Can you detect something? It's obvious right?
Tak perlu bagitahu. Just admit that she's really cute in this style kan? :D
Serious sukaaaaa! Where can I get that kind of selendang eh dear Heliza?
I wanna this darn badly. . .


lemongrassbeam said...

heliza pakai apa pun cumeiii :)

sindaDila said...

but this one is super cute. she's covering her aurat properly. very nice one (:

B-boy Freeze said...

akk skng da brubh kn...
kn bgs klu eyja pn ikut jejak akk..
wan xske cra dy skng ni...
sshhh..!!jgn gtau dy

sindaDila said...

Wan, she's my sister n I know her better than you.