Friday, January 28, 2011

A college life as PPOU Student.

Assalamualaikum reader. Hyee! :D
How are you today? Hope you are in the pink of health (:
Hehe guess what. I'm so happy right now!
My burdens for this week are all gone! Yes! Lab reports! Presentation! Test! Chemistry Quiz!
And now I'm freeeee! Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah ((:
Uniten gave us 1 week holiday. Perkara yang jarang2 boleh berlaku ahaa :D
I wanna change back my biological clock. As for that week, I was lack of sleep, only 2-3hours daily, don't even get enough food, lost of appetite. Wooo symptoms of depression aren't it? Am I totally depressed because of tons of works? Well it was over! I must glad of that!

And that's why I'm here though. To express my feeling and to continue blogging. Yeaaayy!
So where am I going to start?
Tajuk tak masuk2 lagi ni. Membebel pasal diri da panjang lebar ahaa
Okay2 jom! We'll just go through with the pictures okay ;D
since the first time I'm in Uniten till now.

This was during orientation day.
Meet my housemates :
Will story more in the next post ;D

The facilitators. Ramai gila :D

My group members during orientation week (:

Oh yah forget, this is one part of my house (:

Before TOEFL! At Imperial Hotel if I'm not mistaken. With Zizi. Berdebar gila.

Alhamdulillah after taking SAT. Mcd papa belanja ;D
With Rara my dear roomate.

This is my class. Section 4. Go El Loco. I'm glad to be part of them. They are all AWESOME.

And the last one! PPOU n PPC students. I'm happy to be one of you guys. Tak pernah jumpa manusia2 macam korang haha seriously korang best!

That's all for this post I guess. Will story more in the next post (: Wslm.


Mirfa Amirah said...

it is soo inspiring, kak :D
i miss youu

sindaDila said...

weee thanks deaar ((:
I miss you too.